Wayne Rooney Sure Got Her son’s Future Football

Wayne Rooney is enjoying his role as a father educating his eldest son become a professional footballer one day, following in his footsteps.

Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney he is happy to see the development of his son, Kai, in the adventure of his youth in the world of football.

Kai actually transmit the talent of the father, and this makes the England striker was proud to see his son grow up with football environment.

Furthermore, Rooney also revealed she is currently enjoying the role as father to Kai.

“I enjoy being a father,” said Rooney told livescore123 journalists.

“The three boys and the eldest is now venturing into football. Kai was really good. He plays left foot and he plays every day. He was just playing for fun. Who knows, if he kept going and do it well, then he may has a future. ”

“Young parents and three boys which we loved, and we enjoyed educating them to be successful. We never said not to have any more children.”

“We enjoyed spending time with them and you would never know the future,” said Rooney.

Largest Exhibition visitors gem in Martapura

Top 10 finalists Dangdut Academy (D’Academy) 2 2015 Indosiar origin Banjarmasin, Mahrita Maulyani, will entertain the ‘Veranda of Mecca’ Martapura, in the event Largest Exhibition se-Kalsel gem in the People’s Market Kayutangi Martapura, Sunday (06/05/2016) start at 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time.
“The plan ulun will sing at Exhibition Gems in Martapura, this Sunday,” said the girl who is popular with Rita calls, Tuesday (05/31/2016).
According grader SMPN 7 Banjarmasin this, he was very pleased to be meeting fans first, especially in the City Martapura.
“It’s all a reunion with supporters ulun time Academy 2 Concert D’ago,” she said to sponsor indonesia batu permata cincin asli.
Added Small Rita, a title given veteran dangdut singer, Rita Sugiarto, in the event will present songs and the slow rhythmic ngebeat.
“Depending on the situation and the audience would also request the executive committee itself,” said the 15-year-old singer. Chairman of the Organizing Committee Exhibition Gems, Ami Yusuf, said Rita was invited as a reunion while in Concert D’Academy two years ago in 2015.
“During the concert D’Academy 2 ago, our share of entrepreneurs gemstone gemstone for the jury and mentors that Rita gained the sympathy of various parties,” he said, adding that there are 1,000 gemstone divided.
When Rita appearance later, Ami continued, the plan it will share the cobblestones for the audience, as in the last concert.
Ami added, during gem stone exhibition June 3 to July 3, it also brings Aril of dropout Pantura Indosiar talent from Jakarta.
“We also bring in five singer from Banjarmasin create Martapura entertain the people,” he said.

Leicester Champion because of visiting Dubai


Leicester City star, Jamie Vardy, confirms the success of his team in the Premier League 2015-2016 is not just a coincidence. Vardy revealed, one of the main secrets that make The Foxes champions this season due to the departure of the team to Dubai some time ago.

Vardy revealed, the Leicester coach Claudio Ranieri gives players extra time off after being knocked out of the FA Cup and lost to Arsenal in February 2016. At that time, the players of The Foxes use it to go to Dubai.

According Vardy, Ranieri gives a bonus holiday destination in time Leicester should be punished is to recharge the battery of the players, so it could be better in the next matches. Decision 64-year-old coach is not wrong, given after the Foxes unbeaten 11 times until finally officially become Premier League champions this season.

“It’s a marvelous idea. I went to Dubai and I remember sitting under the sun rays, in the same hotel with the Sunderland players, “said Vardy, as published by Goal, Tuesday (05/10/2016).

“So, can charge batteries on the holiday weekend and came back with stronger conditions have had a major role to win this league,” said the British players.

Nearly Destroyed, Sculpture Praying Hitler Sold

(FILES) This file photo taken on April 29, 2016 shows the artwork 'Him',depicting Hitler on his knees in prayer by artist Maurizio Cattelan displayed during a press preview in New York. A statue of Hitler on his knees was auctioned May 8, 2016 for $17.2 million, a record for a work by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. The wax and resin statue entitled simply "Him" had been expected to fetch between $10 million and $15 million at the auction by Christie's. / AFP PHOTO / KENA BETANCUR

(FILES) This file photo taken on April 29, 2016 shows the artwork ‘Him’,depicting Hitler on his knees in prayer by artist Maurizio Cattelan displayed during a press preview in New York.
A statue of Hitler on his knees was auctioned May 8, 2016 for $17.2 million, a record for a work by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. The wax and resin statue entitled simply “Him” had been expected to fetch between $10 million and $15 million at the auction by Christie’s. / AFP PHOTO / KENA BETANCUR

Repeatedly Maurizio Cattelan had considered going to destroy one of his works are controversial. Because the Italian artist, make a wax statue that is deemed offensive to Jews.

Some time ago, Cattelan produce a work that is controversial, which is a small statue of the German Nazi officials, Der F├╝hrer Adolf Hitler.

The statue is given the designation “Him”, describing the figure of Hitler praying while kneeling. The statue was provoking the Jews, especially after exhibited in several places, such as in Stockholm (Sweden), to ex-ghetto in Warsaw (Poland).

But after re-think a thousand times, Cattelan thought better to destroy the statue. In fact, the wax statue was auctioned in New York, United States (US).

As quoted Sputnik, Tuesday (05/10/2016), in the auction, Hitler praying statue was even sold at a high price, worth USD17,2 million bought someone who was not identified.

Without the antenna, the iPhone Display Example 7 Bring Smart Connector


Just yesterday rumor says that the iPhone 7 will not bring smart connector into one of the features in the iPad Pro. But in a recent report, the future iPhone that would bring the smart connector and design without the antenna.

A dummy or sample image display unit 7 shows that Apple’s iPhone has eliminated controversial antenna lines that disrupt the series iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. This year, it is a lot of talk suggesting that the iPhone does not include the antenna back.

Meanwhile, smart dock connector visible at the bottom of this smartphone. Apple previously also called the docking port will bring a magnet on his smartphone.

On the other hand, the Cupertino company is apparently also planning to give a flush design that is quite surprising because no one suspected that before. iPhone 7 according to this dummy will not bring the 3.5 mm earphone jack which previously was rumored to be removed.

For your information, according to the cycle Apple iPhone 7 will be launched in September. However, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple product analyst mentions that the handset does not have a high value.

Turns Black Spotted Bananas Have a myriad of benefits, Anything?


banana skin usually have black spots. And yes, when faced with a banana like that, people tend to feel disgusted and usually decide to throw it into the trash.

Are you one of them? If yes, try to no longer do that, because, according to researchers banana black spots have a myriad of healthful benefits for yourself. Like what? see this popular-world.com review.

First, the embedded Potassium in bananas black spots is very high. Said researchers, the compound can help women minimize muscle cramps that occur during menstruation.

Second, Due has soothing properties and is easy to digest, banana black spots are also useful in treating digestive problems, including constipation.

Thirdly, black spots Bananas also contain iron which is quite high. By taking them regularly, anemia can be prevented.

Fourth, in addition to increase energy instantly, eating banana black spots also able to improve the health of body muscles.

Fifth, Researcher also explained, banana black spots very effective in preventing depression. Of course, it is not separated from the role of tryptophan (serotonin-enhancing substances) contained therein.

Sixth, heal ulcers Want the easy way? Forget antacids and voraciously bananas black spots on a regular basis!

Seventh, not only can minimize muscle cramps during menstruation, potassium contained in bananas black spots also effective in stabilizing blood pressure. Similarly, reported Boldsky.

Oh yes, if you’re disgusted to see black speckled bananas, scientists have a special trick to work around this. They said, if only in the form of banana juice.